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One determinant of VAM is the power output of a cyclist. 

One well-established tool to improve power output (and endurance performance) is performing HIT (high-intensity training). (e.g., Laursen, 2010). 

Although it needs to be clarified how to organize the HIT intervals best, it appears that SIs (short intervals), when compared to LIs (long intervals), appears to be able to increase performance (Power) in a greater magnitude in trained cyclists when performed at PVO2max (the minimum Power which elicits maximal oxygen consumption) (Ronnestad et al., 2013).

One reason may be that SIs allow prolonged stimulus accumulation at higher power output than LIs. (Ronnestad et al., 2013).

In this study, ten weeks with two sessions a week containing SIs favoured a power output increase @4mmol by 12% compared to the LIs group, which improved by 5%.

Moreover, on a time trial of 40 minutes, the SIs group improved its time by 10% compared to the 4% of the LIs group. 

After reading this article, will you consider including some series of SIs in your training routine?

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