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Peak performance is performance above someone’s standard (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi., 1970). 

While different training macrocycles aim to elicit an athlete’s power-to-weight ratio, VAM or stamina or sprint power output, the pre-race routine aims to obtain the maximal super compensation from previous training and restore optimal glycogen storage in relation to the race duration in order to favour a peak performance during the race.

The recovery pre-race phase has a duration which may last a few weeks. During this time frame, it is crucial to maintain the fitness level acquired in the previous months while allowing the body to recover fully. 

OVERVAM APP allows athletes to choose their main seasonal goals and manage with a powerful algorithm their training and nutritional regime in the timeframe preceding the race. 

Martina Fidanza (5 times world track champion, 8 times European Champion) uses and tests the OVERVAM app to prepare for her primary events.

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