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Jonas Vingegaard wins the 16 stage of 2023 Tour de France in 32min 36sec at an average speed of 50.6 kph (31.4 mph).

He climbed the Côte de Domancy (2.8km at 8.5%) after 19 minutes of effort at ~7.5w/kg for over 13 minutes on his time trial bike, one of the most stunning performances in cycling history.

Some commenters observed that he did not mount on his TT bike a bottle for drinking or replenish carbohydrates during this effort.

Is this a casualty or a precise, science-based strategy?

According to a recent study (Morito et al., 2022), ice slurry ingestion may enhance exercise performance by lowering the core body temperature in a hot environment.

The above study examined the effects of the ingestion of 7.5 g·kg-1 of ice slurry to produce the desired effects and the ingestion of smaller amounts.

Compared with those used in previous studies, the intake of lower amounts of low-temperature ice slurry can reduce body temperature and improve peak power.

Of course, the melted ice may hydrate as well.

The above-explained strategy is an excellent nutritional manipulation operated by Professor Asker Jeukendrup, the nutritionist consultant at the Jumbo Lotto team.

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Gherardo Marcolin 

Master Triathlete

BSc in Exercise Science, IOC diploma in Sports Nutrition

Performance Coach and OVERVAM CEO.

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