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Nutrition for cycling is the ultimate tool to becoming a faster cyclist and is related to improving Power to weight ratio. 

A well-designed periodized diet (performing the same training routine) can favour increased Power while diminishing total body fat.

Diet or nutrition periodization stands for manipulating carbohydrate intake to augment the molecular signal deriving from training stimuli on different days with different training loads.

This practice (which you can quickly adapt using the OVERVAM APP) has been demonstrated in several studies, favouring an increased performance and diminished body weight. 

In this particular study (MARQUET, LAURIE-ANNE et al., 2016), two groups of triathletes consumed the same daily carbohydrate (CHO) intake (6 g·kg-1·d-1) but with different timing over the day to manipulate CHO availability before and after training. 

The experimental group performed an evening HIT (high intensity) session with high-CHO availability, followed by a CHO-free evening meal, to prolong the signalling response after exercise. A prolonged, submaximal training session commenced the following morning with low-CHO availability (fasted) to promote lipid metabolism.

The control group performed the same training routine, with carbohydrates available throughout the day and the training sessions. 

Tree weeks of experiment significantly improved submaximal cycling economy, supramaximal cycling capacity and 10-km running time in the experimental group (not in the control group). Moreover, the experimental group decreased its fat mass (but not the lean mass) by approximately one kg. 

In conclusion, an integrated training and nutrition strategy incorporating a periodization of carbohydrates can lead to better performance and body composition results. 

OVERVAM offers integrated science-based training and periodized nutrition

Periodized nutrition allows for increasing training stimuli and obtaining better performance.

Written By Gherardo Marcolin 

BSc in Exercise Science, IOC diploma in Sports Nutrition

Performance Coach and OVERVAM CEO.

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